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[ecorazzi.com :: celebrities caught green-handed] Katie Holmes is back to her gorgeous-self and appeared happy in the company of her soon-to-be husband, Tom Cruise at the Annual Charity Black Ball for the Keep A Child Alive foundation last night. We blogged about this upcoming event last month.

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PartyHopper Blog | InStyle.com: Event planner Marvet Britto, of the Britto Agency, spent two months planning the details of Little Miss Diddy’s Pretty in Pink Party, and she looked at more than 50 different spaces in New York before settling on 230 Fifth Ave., a penthouse lounge with a rooftop garden. (via Cosmos)

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http://lasvegassumo.blogspot.com  Las Vegas Sumo: Even better, they can get a slew of celebrities- I hope some of the same ones who are claiming that they are African too - to shill for their product, I mean their charity. All I have to do is follow Beyonce’s instructions to support AIDS eradication and buy a t-shirt or a Motorola phone, or a pair of Converse. (via Cosmos)

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Annansi Chronicles: As someone who actually is African, I am excited to see Alicia Keys’ Keep A Child Alive organization doing whatever it takes to push the envelope and make people realize the seriousness of the African AIDS epidemic. On the other hand I get the feeling there is the usual subconscious pandering which comes from many (via Cosmos)

http://gossip.commongate.com [Gossip.commongate.com] Iman: Tomkat, Alicia Keys, Katie Holmes, The Black Ball, Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes attended “The Black Ball” earlier tonight, hosted by Alicia Keys and Iman. The annual Black Ball benefits “Keep a Child Alive,” which provides drugs for AIDS and HIV patients.

[Soyouarefamous.com] SoYouAreFamous.com » Blog Archive » Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at ...: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the Conde Nast Media Group Presents “The Black Ball” to Benefit Keep A Child Alive Hosted by Alicia Keys and Iman .

[Ecorazzi.com] ecorazzi.com :: celebrities caught green-handed: Live performances by Alicia Keys, David Bowie, Angelique Kidjo, and others capped off the star-studded night. Additional guests included Iman, Rachel Roy, Damon Dash, Helena Christensen, David Bowie, Anne Hathaway, Elijah Wood, Gayle King, Russell Simmons, Kimora Lee Simmons, Wanda Sykes, and Edward Norton.

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