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[ecorazzi.com :: celebrities caught green-handed] There’s an environmental TV series right now called “Eco 4 The World”, which is hosted by Summer Rayne Oakes and a guy named Drew whose last name I can’t quite catch from the promo video. It has quite a lot of support from celebrities like Sting, Alicia Keys, and Daryl Hannah, to notable figures like Jean-Michel Cousteau and Mikhael Gorbachev and numerous athletes as well.

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[Ecorazzi.com] ecorazzi.com :: celebrities caught green-handed: There’s an environmental TV series right now called “Eco 4 The World”, .It has quite a lot of support from celebrities like Sting, Alicia Keys, .

http://www.ecosherpa.com [Ecosherpa.com] Celebs endorsing Eco 4 The World: Celebrities like Sting, Alicia Keys, Darryl Hannah, Simple Plan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others are lending their star power to help improve the planet we live on. Eco 4 The World is produced by Big Durian Productions and in partnership with UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme), Regency Foundation Network and Asian Development Bank.

http://summerrayneoakes.blogspot.com [Summerrayneoakes.blogspot.com] SRO News | Updates: I now present to you: Ryan Seacrest, David Duchovny, Amy Smart, Desmond Tutu, Sting, Ed Begely Jr., Alicia Keys, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Gabrielle Reese, .

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